Adding some secrets ✨

This is the second update since the LOWREZJAM release.

I was working on this update just for fun and so I added some secrets in the game (not so secret, as I will comment on them below).

New features:

  • Added a Dark Souls™️ mode;
  • Added a Torrou™️ mode;


  • Added a splash screen;
  • Some core optimizations (not visual);

Dark Souls™️ Mode

This mode adds a game over screen inspired by Dark Souls™️.

To enable it, run the game in the cmd/terminal by passing the following argument: --ds-mode

Torrou™️ Mode

This mode enables a very simple bullethell game inspired by Touhou Project™️.

The name "Torrou™️" is a pun in Brazilian Portuguese, because "torrou" means "toasted" in PT-BR and the pronunciation is "tohou".

To enable it, run the game in the cmd/terminal by passing the following argument: --torrou



  • Left/Right: Move
  • X: Shoot


  • LT/RT: Move
  • X: Shoot

That's all, thank you!

The "™️" part was a joke, sorry. 

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Oct 24, 2017

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